Ardrey or Adopo; Who You Got?

The Berkshire County schedule makers have made us wait this long, which is both a good and bad thing.

On the bright side, waiting so long to see Pittsfield and Taconic’s boys’ basketball squads square off has allowed us to view both teams in a relative vacuum. We’ve been able to dissect individual players, coaches, situations and rotations. The bottom line is, we know that both teams are very talented, well-coached and hard working.

Madison Backer named Youth of the Year at Boys & Girls Club

PITTSFIELD — No matter what aspects of Madison Backer’s life have changed, there has been one constant: The Pittsfield Boys & Girls Club.

The Club’s 2016 Youth of the Year award was earned by Backer earlier this summer. 

“Those who earn the title embody the values of leadership service, academic excellence and healthy lifestyles. They exemplify the critical impact that Boys & Girls Clubs have on the lives of young people,” reads the award statement.

Shepard on Steinman, Pittsfield High Scoring Record

PITTSFIELD — By the time you’re reading this, the chances are very good that Peyton Steinman has become the all-time leading scorer in Pittsfield High School Girls Basketball history.

She entered Thursday night’s contest against Taconic with 1,489 points, just nine shy of Courtney Shepard’s 1,498 mark. The last time Steinman was held to single-digits was in a 20-point playoff win over North Middlesex her sophomore year, so it’s safe to say the Generals jersey No. 1 is now No. 1 in the PHS record books as well.

Turning Points with the Cotuit Kettleers

The idea of turning points is ingrained in the very fiber of the Cape Cod Baseball League. In essence everyone who participates in the most prestigious summer baseball organization in the world is at a turning point in life. This theme is pervasive throughout all aspects.

Baseball, like life, is a story. Every game and every season has a rising action, turning point, climax and resolution. That is what made the ending to the Cotuit Kettleers “10 games in 10 days” stretch so powerful. Finishing out the recent marathon by winning four of the final five, including the last three in a row represents a turning point in the Kettleers season.

Two Locals Lose Softball Season to ACL Injuries

PITTSFIELD — The chances are good that you have heard about a recent string of ACL injuries among professional athletes.

Rajon Rondo, Derrick Rose, Rob Gronkowski, Adrian Peterson and Mariano Rivera are just a few pros who have missed significant time to this ailment.

However, this particular injury has also made itself known locally.

Dastoli Continues Work on Belanger Film to Honor Hometown Hero

PITTSFIELD — Dominic Dastoli never met Mark Belanger. The former Baltimore Orioles shortstop had stopped playing before Dastoli was born. Yet, that never stopped his interest from being piqued at the idea that a player like Belanger could come from the same hometown as him.

Belanger was born in June of 1944 in Pittsfield. A little over 21 years later, he made his major league debut on Aug. 7, 1965 with the Orioles. He went on to play for more than 15 years in the majors, earning eight Gold Gloves, winning the 1970 World Series and being named an All-Star in 1976.

It Takes a Unique Personality to Be a Lacrosse Goalie

Well, that’s not entirely true. The one thing that appears more painful than Cross-Country Skiing is being a lacrosse goalie.

Pittsfield High senior Nikolai Pixley happens to cover both those bases during his athletic career as a General.

In the winter, Pixley straps on his skis and competes in Nordic Skiing. In the spring, he throws on a mask and gloves, grabs a large-netted stick and tries to stop guys from firing rock-hard lacrosse balls into Pittsfield High’s net.

Arena Envy a Generational Thing?

On our Monday morning show this past week — — I caught myself saying something that in my mind was the total opposite of how I felt.

I audibly said the words: “Obviously some teams got to play at MassMutual, some teams had to play at Blake Arena.” 

Even my verbiage there; got to and had to, I don’t like. Like it is punishment to have to play at Blake Arena. I feel the complete opposite.