Berkshire Running Center celebrates five years of being ‘Grand Central Station’ of running in the Berkshires

PITTSFIELD — Not long ago, a runner from anywhere in Berkshire County would have to travel an hour in either direction to find new equipment or apparel.

That was the niche that Kent and Shiobbean Lemme sought to fill five years ago when they started Berkshire Running Center. Now, in the summer of 2016, BRC is celebrating its fifth anniversary of becoming the centralized hub of running activity in Berkshire County.

Trying on Bullet-Proof Corsets with Worcester Comedian Nick Chambers

When Worcester-native Nick Chambers first got his start in stand-up comedy, everyone was psyched. Everyone except Mrs. Chambers, that is.

“I put my first open-mic on YouTube, and my Mom called me in and pressed play on the laptop,” said Chambers of a visit to her house. “She hears me saying all these dirty things and says, ‘Is this you now? Is this what you’ve become?’” 

Wormtown Brewery: A Piece of Mass in Every Glass

Since its inception on Park Avenue in 2010, Wormtown Brewery has not stopped growing. As Worcester’s first operating brewery in nearly 50 years, it was important to Master Brewer Ben Roesch to keep things local.

New England has long been considered a hub of craft brewing in America, and when Roesch saw that one of the region’s largest cities was devoid of a brewery he leapt at the opportunity to startup Wormtown. 

Taking the Next Step: Sterling-Lancaster TV Partnership Continues Growth

Back in 2009, the towns of Sterling and Lancaster partnered for their cable television. Since then, things have been in constant forward motion.

Executive Director of Sterling Lancaster Community Television, Chris Detsikas has spent the past three years building the company, as well as setting up a studio in each town. Now he has advanced to the stage of bringing together the community in order to make SLCTV the best thing it can be.

The Amanda Cote Project takes the stage

The Lucky Dog Music Hall in Worcester had just started filling up when the Amanda Cote Project was introduced. A few short minutes later their leader had the entire room swaying in rhythm.

On Sunday, May 19, the Lucky Dog hosted a day-long benefit for the One Fund, featuring a handful of local musicians, along with a variety of raffle prizes. Amanda Cote’s band was scheduled to play at 7 p.m.